How to Sell Printables Online Fast and Easy for 2024

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Are you looking for an easy and enjoyable side job that you can do from home? If the answer is “yes,” you should consider selling your creations among the most versatile methods to earn money. This article on how to sell printables online will greatly help you!

Fortunately, you can sell virtual products online, eliminating the need to deal with logistics such as packing and distribution.

Printables are among the most prominent sorts of digital goods. These are printable digital downloads for calendars, gift tags, workbooks, stickers, digital planners, invitations, and other products. Anyone may earn money online by selling printables.

To make something unique that you could offer to buyers, you don’t need to be a designer or even understand using Photoshop. Because so many individuals use various types of printables every month, this could be an excellent chance to take if you want to generate extra money or build a successful business on the side with printables.

What Are Printables?

As the name implies, printables refer to printed documents that consumers use to plan and organize various activities. Individuals are buying printables nowadays to help them simplify tasks. 

For instance, they include project planners (social media business planning or home DIY repairs), calendar planners, financial planners, meal planners, fitness and diet planners, trackers, coloring sheets, templates, journals, worksheets, spreadsheets, workbooks, stationery, and stickers among other.  

Making a printable is simple if you have made or created a list for organizing tasks, to-dos, and ideas. You can capitalize on this and make money online by selling your creations. 

picture of a printable.

How to create and sell printables 

Regardless of whether you have an idea or not on how you can develop printables for sale or where to begin, anybody can create printables online. One can offer unlimited printables, provided you can access a PC, have internet access, and have a little imagination.

Printables cost between $1.99 and $6, with worksheet packages or more tailored printables costing up to $55.Another advantage of creating printables is making a product once you can resell online several times. Here are steps to follow to get started:

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Researching target audience and making a list of printable ideas 

It’s crucial to figure out who you want to market to before beginning to sell printables or even creating digital products. Consider who your intended audience and clients are. Narrowing it down might aid you in coming up with some ideas for what kind of printable you should make. For instance, if you would like to assist busy mothers, you may discover that they require assistance with meal planning and preparation during the week.

Creating a single–page printable is easier and quicker. It is unlikely that you will earn more money from s single printable, so it is ideal for researching and listing various ideas on printables. All your printables should be related as possible. For instance, if you want to make a vegan diet menu planner, you should have a list of vegan-friendly food, snacks, and a weight gain/loss tracker.

#1 Seek inspiration from other printables 

 Studying various printables you want to offer and researching the market is advisable. It is important to note that you shouldn’t copy someone’s ideas but draw inspiration and use your imagination to create a printable. Drawing inspiration is recommended as other people’s work can inspire you and help you learn what doesn’t work and what works. 

#2 Select a tool you would like to use to create the printables 

After brainstorming ideas, it is time to choose a tool you will use to create printables. Interestingly, there are several affordable options you can use. 


The leading site to use is Canva which has a lot of graphics, colors, and templates to pick from. Canva offers many templates so that you won’t start from scratch. You access a free and premium version, but you should be keen not to copy the template closely. 

To sell printables, your products must be distinctive and original. Make alterations and personalization possible to design the digital items as per your liking. If you wanted to sell a weekly work schedule printable, you could modify the styles and colors and add a graphic to create the printable. You could also include a section for listing accountable for the task.


PicMonkey is yet another application you might want to try. PicMonkey charges a small monthly charge, but the tools it provides are worth it.

You access pre-made designs to assist you in getting started with your printables plan. Everything is entirely customizable, and the artistry is more than adequate to allow you to sell the printables to satisfied consumers online.

Photoshop and Adobe InDesign

Other applications like Adobe InDesign and Photoshop can assist you in creating great printables, but they have a steep learning curve.

If you are just starting, begin with a free and low tool such as Canva or PicMonkey and work your way towards a more sophisticated platform as you gain experience.

When choosing the tool, decide beforehand on the logo, scheme, and brandable features, and pick a tool that makes it easier to create a printable per your preferences. It should be themed as per your business, and if you have a business name, you will include it in the printable to make it easier for clients to reach you. 

#3 Create your printable 

You now have to create your ideal printable, and although you should make it flawless to sell quickly, don’t be caught on perfection. The focus should be on your target audience and creating something that simplifies their tasks.  

You need to plan the size of your printable before creating it. For instance, if you want to use a spreadsheet for an 8 ½ by 11 printable, always ensure you are within rows and columns of that size. Equally, if you want to create a specific printable like a Happy Planner or Filofax, ensure you have checked the dimensions so that you will design something fitting. 

After creating the printable, you need to test print it to ensure it will fit into the page. If you are designing a printable that will be punched holes to put into a planner, ensure there is enough space to punch holes without affecting the design.

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#4 Select a platform where to sell your printable 

You need several alternatives where you can offer your printable. Alternatively, you could consider other platforms such as Etsy (a go-to platform for several forms of printables), Shopify, or Send Owl to offer your printables online. For instance, Etsy is very popular in selling printables, and numerous features will help you make more money. Creating an Etsy shop is the quickest and most straightforward approach to begin offering your printables.

Creative Market and Fiverr are two other online marketplaces where you may sell printables.

You could create your online store if you are a blogger. Starting your online store gives you more flexibility over your printable enterprise. Although Shopify is equally a famous resource for printable entrepreneurs, there are several e-commerce tools you can utilize to create a low-cost online store.

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Selling on your website allows you the most flexibility over your organization, but it does necessitate some more technical expertise to construct. You could utilize a template with e-commerce choices offered by a web host, design a WordPress page, and install an e-commerce plugin. Finally, you could sell your printable on your website.

#5 Price your printable to sell

Always price your product for profit, depending on how buyers take the printable. When pricing your printable, you need to compare your price with those of competing printables to ascertain the price range where you can set your printable. Other things to consider when pricing the product include the fee charged by the platform. 

For instance, Etsy charges a fee after selling a product, which should guide your pricing. The advantage of digital printables is that you don’t require any more materials to make them again after creating one, which reduces overhead costs.

Etsy is the most preferred platform because of the following: 

  • You get to enjoy built-in clients. For those without a website, Etsy offers a platform ready with customers where they can sell printables. Considering Etsy is a marketplace, you will have access to in-built customers to sell your printables. 
  • It makes it possible to earn passive income. Digital products are a great passive income source; your printables can sell even when you sleep. The platform makes it possible for businesses to sell their products, considering it will handle purchases and delivery of printables to customers. You will only need to upload the printable, and Etsy will do the rest.
  • It is easy to promote your printables on Etsy. Unlike other platforms such as Pinterest, it is easy to advertise on Etsy, and all a client has to do is set their badge and push the product to customers. Advertising is essential if you want to reach as many people as possible. With Etsy advertising, it is cheaper, and you spend as low as $1 per day. 

#6 Promoting the Printable

Creating and listing the printables is the start of the journey of making money selling printables. You will need to promote the printable even if it’s on a famous site like Etsy. Customers have a plethora of alternatives for downloading printables. 

To generate more sales and recurring income, you will have to create a plan to promote the printables so that more people can access them. If you want to list the printables on Etsy, optimize the listing with a comprehensive description of the printable. You can think of other creative ways of promoting the printable, like testimonials from satisfied clients or the use of videos. 

Here are some tips on how to promote your printables:

  • If you already have a company, send an email or post on social media to inform your current consumers or clients about your printable.
  • Try giving away a free printable as a leading generator or upgrade the content for email list signup, which will allow you to sell printables to those on your email list. 
  • Use keywords that assist search engines, plus your selling platform (such as Etsy) rank the product higher.
  • Write and disseminate articles about the printable, including a link to the sales site or lead magnet in your profile.
  • Create a YouTube channel or blog about your printed subject.
  • Create Facebook advertising that targets your printable’s most likely consumers.

Which are the best-selling printables?

When creating printables, the focus should be on the printables that generate more money. Here are some of the best-selling printables:

  1. Wedding printables: Wedding printables and related events are among the top-earning printables. These include wedding planners, wedding advice cards, wedding signs, bridal shower games, bachelor party games, table numbers, and wedding checklists. 
  2. Baby-related printables: Another top-selling printable are baby-related products which include baby shower signs, baby shower games, birth plans, baby shower favors, and pregnancy journals. 
  3. Art printables with quotes: You can also make money by selling art printables. The printables are sold to customers who print them at home or print shop. You will be selling the art file as a pdf or jpg. It would help if you did not worry about shipping your artwork. 
  4. Planners: Love planners are popular, especially when they can print and reuse the planner sheets. You can consider a daily or monthly planner sheet. 

Who can run a printable selling business online?

Anybody can create printables; you don’t need any tech skills to create one. You need to have basic knowledge of design software such as Adobe Illustrator or Canva. Even if you have no graphic design skills, you could still manage to create printables easily. However, it needs some practice and help, but you will follow the same steps each time after understanding the design process. 

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