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create a printables blog

Start a blog to promote your printables with this step-by-step training!

34 short-actionable videos

There are 34 short videos that hold your hand through creating your own Printables Blog.

2 bonuses

You get a $30 bonus coupon for PLR Beach products and the bonus Free Traffic Workshop!

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Transformational Printables

In Transformational Printables, you will learn how UX (user experience) designers create products.

There are PowerPoint and Canva tutorials on creating printables included!

other courses

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Coffee Talk Emails

In Coffee Talk Emails, you will learn how to get your email list to buy from you. I share my secret sauce on how I got my own list to buy!

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American Small Business for Newbies

In American Small Business for Newbies, you will learn everything you need to know on setting up a small business legally.

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Printables Affiliate Academy

In Printables Affiliate Academy, you will learn how to create your own affiliate program for your printable store. You will also learn how to become a rock star affiliate when selling other people's products.

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Printables SEO Academy

In Printables SEO Academy, I show how I get free traffic to my printable stores and blog from Google and YouTube SEO.

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Pinning Trends for Printable Sales

In Pinning Trends for Printable Sales, you will learn how to use Pinterest Trends to get printable sales.

Simply create your printable using ideas from Pinterest Trends and then promote it on Pinterest!

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Self-Publishing Mastermind

In Self-Publishing Mastermind, you will learn how to self-publish a PLR/commercial use planner on Amazon KDP. You will also learn how to repurpose a blog post into an Amazon Kindle book. Comes with a free planner with commercial use rights!

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Printables for Kids with Special Needs

In Printables for Kids with Special Needs, you will learn how to create several printables for special needs. It comes with video training and commercial use templates in Canva and PowerPoint that you can customize and resell as your own to make money.

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Course Creation for Creatives

In Course Creation for Creatives, you will learn how to create your own courses and promote them. There is also a lesson on creating a course 100% free with Warrior Plus. A bonus lesson is how to create a membership with ThriveCart and a $50 off coupon for any other course.

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Productivity Made Easy Mastermind

In Productivity Made Easy Mastermind, you will learn my secrets to being productive. You also get 3 bonuses: Outsourcing Bonus Training and Productivity in Product Creation.

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Printables Pinning Academy

In Printables Pinning Academy, you will learn how to use Pinterest to promote your business. I reveal my secret sauce strategy on how I get 50k views a month to my blog and store. There are 3 bonuses too!

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Email Super Sales Mastermind

In Email Super Sales Mastermind, you will learn how to sell with email using hypnotic sales language. You get a plug and play email sales sequence template, hypnotic sales language cheat sheet, a full module and lesson course, and BONUSES!

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PLR Sales Accelerator

In PLR Sales Accelerator, you will learn how to start and scale your own PLR (private label rights) business. This includes 5 bonuses including MRR (master retail rights) templates you can resell as PLR.

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AI Christmas Printables Mastermind

In AI Christmas Printables Mastermind, you will learn how to create printables using AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney.

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AI-Powered Pinning

In AI-Powered Pinning, learn how to use AI tools to maximize your Pinterest Management!
This course is not available in the membership.

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